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MIR - Spirodoc - Spirometer with Oximetry, with reusable turbine

MIR - Spirodoc - Spirometer with Oximetry, with reusable turbine

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Product Properties
Touchscreen handheld Spirometer. Spiro + Oxi version.
Advanced, screening and patient user modes. Monitor progress of respiratoryrehabilitation.
The Spirodoc® Spiro is a handheld, portable diagnostic spirometer with
touchscreen display. The device can be configured to operate with advanced
parameters for full spirometry, reduced parameters set for simple screening
and a simple mode for patient home use.

The spirometer with oximetry offers complete respiratory diagnostic and rehabilitation monitoring. The flowmeter can be detached from the main unit allowing for ambulatory walk testing, sleep oximetry testing and continuous monitoring of everyday physical activity. For more information about oximetry, please refer to Spirodoc® Oxi data sheet.

The device features a high resolution touch screen display. Powered by its
long life rechargeable battery, the Spirodoc® is capable of storing up to 10,000
tests on its built in memory. When patients are sent away with a Spirodoc®,
the device can be set to patient mode which features an “eDiary”. This allows
patients to answer pre-configured questions about their symptoms that
correlates with any tests recorded for that day.

It can also connect wirelessly to a PC via Bluetooth® (or directly via USB)
allowing for real-time spirometry testing, and downloading of test results
stored on the device using the free MIR WinspiroPRO® PC Software. The
Spirodoc® Spiro measures an array of selectable parameters and gives a PRE
and POST bronchodilator comparison. Results are previewed on the display
following a test, with a flow/volume graph in addition to the patient’s actual
spirometry readings for immediate assessment together with interpretation.

Key Features

  • Carry everywhere - handheld spirometer with high-resolution LCD touchscreen display, navigate easily through the icon-based menus on a clear, with real time curve and test results 
  • Three functional modes - choose between full spirometry mode, basic screening mode or patient mode for home testing
  • Patient’s home-care symptoms eDiary - with patient mode enabled, users can monitor themselves and record their symptoms
  • Large memory storage - store up to 10,000 tests
  • Bluetooth® and USB connectivity to PC - download results stored on the device and conduct real-time spirometry using WinspiroPRO® PC software
  • Real-time Test - Spirometry: FVC, VC, IVC, MVV, PRE/POST Bronchodilator comparison
  • 3D Oximetry (optional): Spot test (SpO2, Pulse), 6MWT, Sleep Test, 24h SpO2 Holter Test.
  • Long lasting Lithium ION battery, rechargeable via USB.
  • Internal Storage up to 10.000 Spirometry tests or 300 hrs oximetry.
  • Dimensions: 5.7×1.9×0.7”; (101x48x16 mm)
  • Weight: 4.1 oz; (116 gr)
  • Real-Time Test on PC screen, EHR/EMR integration, internal memory back-up and more
  • Compliance with ATS/ERS 2019 - And other Standards including ISO 26782 (for Spirometry), ISO 23747 (for PEF), ISO 80601-2-61 (for Oximetry), and more
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