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MIR - Spirobank Smart Spirometer with SVC enabled

MIR - Spirobank Smart Spirometer with SVC enabled

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Product Properties

Flow/Volume and Volume/Time Graphs
Reports feature both the flow/volume and volume/time graphs with each trial illustrated in different colours for easy comparison.

Traffic light interpretation
This easy visual interpretation aid plots the patient’s best trial on a ‘traffic light’ style line graph. With LLN and predicted points made visible for FVC, FEV1 and FEV1/FVC, it is easy to see if the patient has met the acceptability criteria for a good test.

Raw Data
Values for each parameter from each trial are collated and placed in a table at the bottom of the report – together with LLN, predicted, %predicted values, and best values.

Spirobank Smart Oxi shares exactly the same features as the Spirobank Smart with the addition of an SpO2 sensor to facilitate oxygen saturation and BPM measurements. The Spo2 sensor is conveniently placed in-line with the patient’s natural hold of the device allowing to simultaneously measure pulse oximetry while performing a spirometry test.

Key Features

  • Easy to use smartphone app
    The hand-held spirometer connects to a bluetooth enabled IOS or Android Smartphone running the Spirobank App. The App is free of charge and in patient orientated for ease of use
  • On-screen curve data
    Curve data available to view both on screen and on report
  • Easy to follow incentive for test compliance
    On-screen incentives displayed during the test encourages the patient to perform a good quality test
  • Quality control with predicted values
    Grading and acceptability criteria highlights test quality with GLI predicted values, % predicted and LLN shown on report

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