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MIR - Smart One Digital Peak Flow Meter

MIR - Smart One Digital Peak Flow Meter

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The Smart One® is a low-cost, home spirometer offering a basic level of screening that utilises bluetooth technology to connect directly to a smart phone. Using the Smart One® app, users can record Peak Flow and FEV1 measurements in the comfort of their own home with the ability to send results electronically to their healthcare advisor. It is designed to be used as a self-monitoring tool for those with a respiratory condition and as a wellness product for the health conscious.

Basic screening with real spirometry technology

Although the Smart One® only measures Peak flow and FEV1, it uses exactly same technology as a diagnostic spirometer. As a result, the Smart One offers a higher level of performance and accuracy than conventional peak flow meters.
Thanks to the simplicity of the Smart One® app, the user is able to easily choose between which test they would like to perform, customise settings, track results as well as the ability to send test data electronically to their healthcare specialist.

The intuitive smart one app is kept simple but smart.

Inputting the user’s age, origin, weight, height and sex in the settings menu allows the app to calculate a target value and set pre-determined ranges for the traffic light health indicator. When a user conducts a peak flow test, the target value is displayed as an incentive. After the test is complete, the user is able to apply notes about their symptoms either from a pre-defined list or typed in manually. Test results are stored on the app with the ability to track and trend over set periods.

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