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Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator/Rechargeable Oxygen Machine 93% High Purity Air Purification Machine

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  •  Our newest machine uses a dual cleaning filter (Biochemical Cotton Filter and Oxygen Permeate Membrane Filter) system to kill bacteria, viruses and contaminants, providing you with a high concentration of oxygen.
  • ★ Our machines produce 1L of oxygen per minute, supply more than 40%* 1L / min of oxygen, concentration flow, 60% rh / relative humidity, this product meets European oxygen health standards.
  • ★ The wise design of the oxygen concentrator: one-button start, horizontal and vertical placement.
  • ★ The machine uses French imported molecular sieves. High concentration of oxygen, negative ion sterilization, compression atomization.
  • ★ This unit allows you to choose the most comfortable method for different purposes. Suitable for the elderly, children, housewives, altitude sickness patients, pregnant women, students, outdoor athletes, etc.

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