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Microlife WatchBP Office ABI Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife WatchBP Office ABI Blood Pressure Monitor

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The easy and conveniently automated Microlife Watch BP Office ABI is a professional office blood pressure device that can detect arterial fibrillation (AF) and is validated for use in pregnancy for Pre-Eclampsia and End Stage Renal Disease (ERD). This device specifically measures ankle brachial index (ABI) and screens for atrial fibrillation with high accuracy at 97% - 100% sensitivity and 89% specifically during blood pressure management.

WatchBP monitors with implemented AFIB detection system allow patients to be screened for AFIB during blood pressure measurement. The AFIB detection system has convincingly proven its accuracy, and showed that it leads to increased detection of new patients with AFIB when used in general clinical practice.


  • One touch for measuring BP and screening for atrial fibrillation (AFIB) at the same time
  • Semi-automated Auscultatory mode for e.g. use in elderly and obese patients and those with arrhythmia
  • Unique dual-cuff design allowing for simultaneous both-arm blood pressure measurement for assessing inter-arm blood pressure differences
  • Average 3 – preforms 3 sequential measurements to diminish an occasional high reading
  • Can be used in pregnancy and ESRD
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack, after using the power adaptor, delivers up to 400-500 measurement cycles
  • User friendly software with easy data transfer and analysis


  • Operating temperature: 10 - 40 °C / 50 - 104 °F
  • Storage temperature: -20 - +55 °C / -4 - +131 °F
  • Weight: 1100g (including rechargable battery pack)
  • Dimensions: 200 x 125 x 90mm
  • Measuring procedure: Oscillometric, corresponding to Korotkoff method
  • Measurement range: 30 - 280mmHg Blood Pressure, 40 - 200bpm Pulse
  • Cuff pressure display range: 0 - 299mmHg
  • Cuff pressure display resolution: 1mmHg
  • Static accuracy: Pressure within +/-3mmHg or 2% of reading > 200 mmHg
  • Pulse accuracy: +/-5% of the readout value
  • Voltage source: Rechargable battery pack 4.8V C4000 mAhA, Mains adapter DC 7.5V, 2A

Device corresponds to the requirements of the standard for non-invasive blood pressure monitor: EN 1060-1, EN 1060-3, EN-1060-4, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2

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