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Mesi- Wireless Ankle Brachial Index Measuring System (SMART) ABI

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Mesi- Wireless Ankle Brachial Index Measuring System (SMART) ABI

- Automatic measurement of ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI), Systolic blood pressure, Diastolic blood pressure and heart rate
- PADsense algorithm for detection of severe Peripheral Arterial Disease
- 3CUFF technology allowing simultaneous measurement
- SmartArm detection algorithm identifies the arm with the higher systolic blood pressure, which will be used in the ABPI measurement
- Colour coded cuff system
- Tubeless cuffs are available in 3 different sizes

Offers additional measurements and apps:
- Dual Blood Pressure
- Pulse Wave Velocity
- Direct Central Blood Pressure
- Averaging Blood Pressure


Why measure ABI?

The ABI is an indicator of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), a cardiovascular disease with a high mortality rate.

Unfortunately, the ABI is not measured routinely because its traditional measuring with Doppler ultrasound is long and complex.