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Meditech CardiUP! ECG Premium Holter

Meditech CardiUP! ECG Premium Holter

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The Meditech CardiUP!3 Holter ECG is a popular 3 channel (7 lead) ECG Holter for beat-by-beat ECG analysis. With the CardiUP!3 you won't miss a beat! It is a cost effective ECG Holter solution for Primary Care and GP Practices. The large internal memory means you can keep recording continuous digital full disclosure ECG from 24 hours or for up to 7 days. The large on-screen ECG display lets you verify ECG quality ensuring accurate hook up in real time. Connection is by a standard mini USB connection.

The CardiUP!3 has a manual programming option which means it can be programmed without connection to a PC. This can be useful if a PC is not available or a treatment room is occupied.

The Meditech CardioVisions analysis software supplied with the CardiUP!3 provides automatic beat-by-beat ECG, ST, PQ, QT and HRV analysis and includes pacemaker beat detection. The QRS detection algorithm of the software is 99.9% accurate according to the IEC 60601-2-47 International Standard and AHA and MIT databases and gives rapid automatic ECG annotation and textual analysis in minutes.

Customizable reports can be generated automatically which include arrhythmia analysis with charts and HRV graphs. CardioVisions 24 hour Holter software detects ventricular fibrillation, atrial fibrillation (AF), bradycardia, tachycardia, arrhythmia, R on T, QT, ST elevation and depression, minimum and maximum ST, HR, QT, SA and AV block, T-wave alternates and many other events automatically.

Arrhythmias are identified by text label and colour coded saving time and for easy visual identification.

Features include

• Compact size 67 x 93 x 21mm weighs 92g (excluding 1 AA battery)
• Large LCD screen 48 x 28 mm
• Patient event button
• Low running costs uses 1 AA Alkaline or rechargeable battery
• Records 24 hours or up to 168 hrs (7 days) of ECG in internal memory
• Uses Micro USB cable
• Automatic beat analysis and classification of abnormal and normal beats
• Heart Rate Variability analysis.
• Uses Meditech CardioVisions software
• Attach reports to clinical management systems

Supplied with

• CardioVisions software will full analysis
• AA batteries
• Micro USB cable
• Easy clean protective carry pouch
• 7 lead ECG cable
• Pack 25 ECG electrodes
• Premier remote and telephone support and training
• Two year warranty
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