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MD6000-Pro Bladder Scanner – Hand-held

MD6000-Pro Bladder Scanner – Hand-held

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Introducing the revolutionary MD-6000Pro handheld bladder scanner, the cutting-edge solution for medical professionals seeking top-of-the-line bladder scanning technology. This device boasts an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for precise and accurate readings with ease.

Whether you prefer standalone operations or tablet-assisted usage, the MD-6000Pro provides unparalleled versatility to meet your needs. With independent WiFi connectivity between the probe and tablet, you can maintain seamless communication and control over the device.

Additionally, this device offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to manage patient information, cases, and reports directly from the tablet, providing efficient and streamlined data management. And with the ability to upload information from the tablet to your PC, you can easily share results and collaborate with colleagues for more accurate and comprehensive patient care.

Experience the future of bladder scanning with the MD-6000Pro, and take the first step towards improving patient outcomes today.

Nominal Ultrasound Frequency: 2.5 MHz

Volume Display Resolution: 1ml

Number of sections in one calculation: 12 sections with an interval of 15 °

Operation Time: the continuous operation time is not less than 6 hours for regular work when the Main Unit is fully charged.

Measurement Range: 20 ml – 999 ml

Measurement Accuracy: ±15% or ±15ml (take the maximum value)

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