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Marsden - High Capacity Body Composition Column Scale with Printer - Approved

Marsden - High Capacity Body Composition Column Scale with Printer - Approved

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The Marsden MBF-6010 is an easy to use body composition scale (body fat analyser) that provides a complete picture of body health. It is Class III Approved, and widely used in hospitals, gyms and sports clubs.

Body composition scales provide a calculation of body health based on several metrics. It utilises bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to provide the results and it's Class III Approved for use in a medical environment.

This Marsden body composition scale provides readings in the form of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Total Body Water (TBW), Fat Free Mass (FFM), Fat Mass (FM), Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass (MM), Protein Mass (PM), Extracellular Water (ECW), Intracellular Water (ICW), Skeletal Muscle (SM), Visceral Fat Area Level (VFA), Metabolic Age (AGEM), Weight and BMI. The scale will also give you an overall health score.

The MBF-6010 is ideal for hospitals and clinics to monitor the body composition measures of patients. The readings are perfect for dieticians who need to get a full picture of a person’s body composition. The MBF-6010 is also a favourite with gymswho want to give members better value for money when visiting the gym.

There is a printer to record all the readings, which makes it perfect for monitoring key fitness data for sports professionals, semi-professionals and the serious amateur athlete.

The MBF-6010 with printer is easy to use and highly accurate, with a capacity of 300kg. It is a fraction of the price of most body composition scales on the market, yet delivers Class III Approved accuracy. The scale was developed in the UK with help from Hull York Medical School, and was found to be closer to the ‘gold standard’ of DEXA than any other body composition scale tested.

The MBF-6010 is also MDD Approved (MDD 93/42/EEC).

The column mounted indicator makes the MBF-6010 more convenient as a permanent scale in your hospital, gym or sports club. The printer is mounted on a bracket on the column, too, for extra convenience. The scale is powered by rechargeable battery which provides around 55 hours of power between charges.

The scale has Hold and Tare functions. A choice of three optional height measures are available with the scale.

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