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Marsden M-550 Digital GP Floor Scale

Marsden M-550 Digital GP Floor Scale

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The Marsden M-550 is an affordable, accurate professional digital medical floor scale. This scale is Class III Approved, which means it can be used for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment.

Additional Features

  • Class III Approved
  • MDD Approved
  • Covered by 4 year warranty
  • Entry level price; wide weighing platform
  • Bright, clear weight display
  • Tare and Hold functions
  • BMI calculation
  • Tap-on function
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Suitable for GP surgeries, pharmacies, clinics



355mm x 345mm x 60mm

Power Supply:
Mains or 4 x AA batteries

Battery LIfe:
Over 100 hours of continuous use

Weight of Scale:

What makes the M-550 a better choice than mechanical scales?

Traditionally, GP surgeries have used mechanical floor scales, These dial scales can still be seen in use today; however, they are usually only Class IIII and will generally be accurate to 1kg.

With a 200g (up to 100kg) accuracy, the digital M-550 is up to 5 times more accurate than traditional mechanical scales.

The NAWI directive states all scales ‘used in the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’ must be Class III approved. Therefore, not only does the M-550 weigh to a greater level of accuracy than traditional mechanical GP scales, it also has a more suitable level of approval for professional medical use.

Who uses the M-550?

The M-550’s high accuracy means this floor scale is ideal for GP surgeries and pharmacies. GPs like the larger base which makes it easier to weigh more frail patients and those less steady on their feet. The M-550 is also popular as a precision bathroom scale for home users wanting medically approved accuracy at an affordable price.

Why should I choose the M-550?

If you need an affordable, professional weighing scale that meets minimum requirements for medical use, choose the M-550.

The M-550 is Marsden’s lowest priced Class III Approved medical scale, yet has a range of convenient and easy to use functions and is also covered by the Marsden 4 year warranty

This 160kg capacity scale is perfect for GP surgeries, who like its larger base, lightweight design and low price. It features hold of weight, Tare and BMI functions. BMI can be easily calculated by using the buttons on the scale to input the height. Then, when the patient stands on the scale, BMI will be automatically calculated and displayed.

The M-550 GP Floor Scale is battery powered, needing just four AA batteries for 100 hours' continuous operation. A mains adaptor can be purchased as an extra.

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