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Keeler Standard Portable Diagnostic Set

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Pulse Oximeter

Comprising a high quality handle with interchangeable otoscope and opthalmoscope head, the Keeler Standard Diagnostic Set offers great value-for-money and will deliver many years of service.

The Keeler Standard Diagnostic Set is available with a 2.8V Dry Cell Handle (batteries not included) or 3.6V Rechargeable Handle.  The charger for the 3.6V handle must be purchased separately.

Set Contents

  • Keeler Standard Otoscope x 1
  • Keeler Standard Ophthalmoscope x 1
  • Keeler handle (dry cell or rechargeable) x 1
  • Reusable specula x 5
  • Replacement bulb x 2
  • Bulb replacement tool x 1
  • Hard case x 1
  • Bulb remover
  • Insufflation port converter x 1


Ideal for pneumatic testing

  • Closed head design particularly suited to pneumatic testing
  • 2.5x magnifying lens removable to allow the introduction of small instruments
  • Disposable specula supplied


  • The industry standard for ward and GP use
  • The positive maywheel lens control allows you to click through lens powers from +40D to -25D allowing detailed examination of the ocular structures and ease of use for spectacle wearers
  • Two diagnostic beams - a wide angle beam for general examination and a macular beam for more detailed examination of the central retina
  • A red free filter for enhanced vessel examination can be used with both diagnostic beams, particularly useful for diabetic assessment and monitoring

Apertures and Filters: 

  • Wide Angle - Illuminates the largest area of fundus for the best possible general diagnosis through a dilated pupil.
  • Macular - Designed specifically for examination of the macular region of the fundus where a larger beam would create excessive pupillary reaction or patient discomfort. 
  • Red Free - The red free filter is used to examine blood vessels in fine detail.  By filtering out the red light, blood vessels are silhouetted against a dark green background.  



  • Maywheel lens control allows lens powers from +40D to -25D
  • Wide angle beam for general examination and macular beam for more detailed examination of the central retina
  • Red-free filter (useful for diabetic assessment and monitoring) can be used with both beams
  • Otoscope has removable 2.5x magnifying lens to allow the introduction of small instruments

2.8V Dry Cell Handle

  • Requires standard AA batteries (not included)

3.6V Rechargeable Handle

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides over two hours of continuous use
  • Charger must be bought separately

Warranty: 3 years