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Keeler Practitioner Opthalmoscope 3.6v (on rechargeable handle or head and bulb only)

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Product Properties

The Keeler Standard Ophthalmoscope maintains the simplicity of the original Standard design and adds additional features to enhance further enhance your examination.

The positive maywheel lens control allows you to click through lens powers from +40D to -25D. This increased lens range allows detailed examination of the ocular structures and provides ease of use for spectacle wearers.

The Standard Ophthalmoscope offers two diagnostic beams - a wide-angle beam for general examination and a macular beam for more detailed examination of the central retina.

Red free filter for enhanced vessel examination can be used with both diagnostic beams. This feature is particularly useful for diabetic assessment and monitoring.  The integral soft brow rest allows for easy positioning and protects your lenses if you are a spectacle wearer.

The Keeler Standard Ophthalmoscope is available in 2.8v dry cell version which takes standard batteries, or a 3.6v lithium rechargeable version (charger not supplied).

Key Features

  • Positive maywheel lens control
  • Lens powers from +40D and -25D
  • Wide angle beam for general examination
  • Macula beam for detailed views
  • Swing over Red Free Filter
  • Integral soft brow rest 

Warranty: 3 years