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Keeler Jazz Pocket Ophthalmoscope

Keeler Jazz Pocket Ophthalmoscope

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Keeler Jazz Pocket Ophthalmoscope

The Jazz Pocket Ophthalmoscope from Keeler combines practicality, portability and performance in one attractive device.  The device features ± 20 diopters and Keeler's world-class optics with aspherical lens.

The Jazz features powerful Xenon illumination that delivers longer battery life.  A set of three interchangeable coloured rings are supplied allowing you to customise the appearance of the otoscope to suit your mood.


  • Bright Xenon illumination
  • ±20 Diopters
  • Interchangeable coloured rings

Apertures and filters:

  • Wide Angle - Illuminates the largest area of fundus for the best possible general diagnosis through a dilated pupil.
  • Macular - Designed specifically for examination of the macular region of the fundus where a larger beam would create excessive pupillary reaction or patient discomfort.
  • Red Free - The red free filter is used to examine blood vessels in fine detail.  By filtering out the red light, blood vessels are silhouetted against a dark green ground.
  • Fixation Cross - Projects a graticule onto the retina for assessment of the degree and direction of eccentric fixation.
  • Cobalt blue - used with flourescein dye to view small lesions, abrasions and foreign objects on the cornea.
  • Semi-Circle - Provides a combination of depth perception and field of view.
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