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KaWe Eurolight E36 Ophthalmoscope

KaWe Eurolight E36 Ophthalmoscope

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Product Properties

This is a high capacity ophthalmoscope that was developed over the course of more than 6 years. The technologically matured head enables a shadeless and optimal illumination quality while the halogen/vacuum lamp ensures an authentic colour reproduction. The metal handle rests conveniently and securely in you hand.

The metal handle can take 2 C-Cell batteries or, by unclipping the black closing cap on the bottom and inserting a rechargeable battery, can be charged on the Kawe MedCharger 4000.

Key Features

  • Clic closure
  • 2.5V Halogen bulb
  • Metal battery/charging handle
  • Dimmable rheostat
  • Correction lens wheel in stages from +20 to -20 dioptres
  • 6 diaphragms
  • Aspherical precision optics
  • Good and uniform illumination
  • Large examination field of the fundus of the eye
  • In a bag with a zipper
  • Batteries are not included
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