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KaWe Combilight F.O.30 LED Otoscope

KaWe Combilight F.O.30 LED Otoscope

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Product Properties

Technologically advanced, proven and tested for years, here KaWe also focus on high quality. The Combilight range combines first-class fibre optics with high power xenon light in 2.5V or 3.5V to ensure an especially bright and white light. They optimally illuminate the auditory canal and the ear drum, helping you to make an accurate diagnosis. The housing construction is robust and the operation is reliable. 

LED illuminant reach their maximum illumination intensity immediately and does no flicker. They also don't heat up the area being illuminated which makes them even safer.

The metal handle takes 2 C-Cell batteries.

Key Features

  • 2.5V
  • Clic closure
  • LED Bulb
  • Illuminance ~8,000 Lux
  • Lifetime ~100,000 hours
  • Metal handle uses C-Cell batteries
  • Dimmable rheostat
  • 3-fold magnification
  • Blower connection
  • 20 disposable ear funnels (10 x 2.5mm and 10 x 4mm)
  • Comes in a bag with a zipper
  • Batteries are not included
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