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JC150-1 Light Duty Battery Operated Cautery Unit

JC150-1 Light Duty Battery Operated Cautery Unit

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Product Properties

The JC150-1 Light duty rechargeable cautery unit from RB Medical is perfect for GP’s or health professionals who require an easy to use, reliable, portable cautery system.  The set includes a battery operated handle, mains charger, rechargeable battery and two reusable cautery burners (Puncture point 47mm & Straight cutter 47mm).

Key Features

  • Portable rechargable cautery (using mains charging unit)
  • Simple button operation handle
  • Slimline handle for ease of use
  • Safety feature on handle prevents use while connected to mains
  • Single use and reusable cautery burners available
  • Supplied with portable carry case


  • Cautery output: 16.8W at 1.2VDC
  • Packed weight: 1.050kg (approx.)
  • Charging adaptor input: 230VAC ±10%. 45/60Hz. 100mA.
  • Charging adaptor output: 1.5VDC. 100mA.
  • Battery: 4 - 4.5hr NiMH only 1.2VDC (nominal)
  • Battery capacity: 20 minutes (peak)
  • Storage: 0°C - 40°C
  • Handle: Powder coated

Warranty: 1 year

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