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InBody 970 Body Composition Analyser

InBody 970 Body Composition Analyser

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Catalogue Available on request with all specifications and details, email

The high-end InBody970 is developed with the accumulated technology of InBody to set a new standard for body composition analysis. InBody970 Result Sheets, have the most various and useful data among other InBody devices, and the InBody970’s magnificent design goes beyond the boundaries of apparatus design to use from young children to athletes and the extremely obese.

The InBody970 is equipped with state-of-the-art 3MHz technology and new ergonomic design to better suit patients with different conditions and medical specialties than ever before.

Provides 7 different result sheets to fulfill all the needs of our researchers.
Evaluation, research, comparison, visceral fat, body composition (for children), and body water result sheet are available.

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