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HD3 Bladder Scanner

HD3 Bladder Scanner

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The HD3 Bladder Scanner is a medical device designed to measure urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR) quickly and non-invasively. It boasts a precision that enhances workflow by at least 35% due to its intuitive touch screen design.

Notably, the device never requires calibration, which reduces costs. The scanner provides ample clinical information and has a user-friendly aiming icon guide.

The device operates by scanning the bladder in three dimensions, automatically acquiring 12 cross-sectional images of the bladder. These images are processed using the original bladder edge determination technology, and the bladder volume is determined using the flap superposition technology.

The bladder scanner is widely used in urology departments worldwide and has undergone years of technical and quality verification.

Non-Invasive Measurement: Quickly and non-invasively measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR) with unparalleled precision.

Enhanced Workflow: Improves workflow efficiency by at least 35% with its intuitive touch screen design.

No Calibration Needed: The device never requires calibration, which can lead to reduced costs over time.

Abundant Clinical Information: Provides a wealth of clinical data to assist medical professionals.

User-Friendly Aiming: Comes with a user-friendly aiming icon guide to help operators position the device correctly.

7′  TFT LCD (1 6:9) 800 x 480

3D Mechanical Probe     Frequency:2.5MHz  B Mode Display Angle:120°

Accuracy:O to 999 ml   ± 15%  ± 15ml

Double Power Supply Mode

Lithium Battery: 11.1 V 2200mAh IAC 1OOV-240V

Touchable Screen

USB Storage Supported

Multi-Languages Selection

12 multi-angles ultrasonic images’ capturing time<3 seconds

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