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Freestanding Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Freestanding Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Pedal operated Hands Free Application
Bulk Fill with any Sanitiser Brand
Supplied with Anti-theft Screws
Easy Level Check with Meter Slot
Manufactured from Medical Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty Fully Mechanical Design


Any hand sanitiser should be incredibly simple and easy to use, like this one. 

Developed in an European aerospace factory where safety and high quality are fundamentally required, the pedal hand sanitiser is proudly following our standards. Entirely made from medical stainless steel, durable, weather resistant and fully mechanical, this is the solution for heavy duty intense use. 

Quality and value for money rarely meet. The  solution for heavy duty intense use. 

Entirely manufactured from highest quality materials 

Just push the pedal, and you are safe!

Hygienic, without any risk of contamination

Universal use, the provided empty recipients con be filled with any hand sanitiser (and you can use your own bottle type through the adjustable height control optional feature).

EASY-REPLACE, with anti-theft screws, in one minute.

Meter slot, to check the level of sanitiser in the recipient.

Entirely made of medical stainless steel. Weather and time resistant. Rust-free

Designed for heavy duty, intense use, being fully mechanical

Quite and sealed, through rubber and sealing protection


Height:589.5mm Footprint:295mm x 295mm

Welded construction. No installation necessary unless bolted to the floor outdoor use.

You can install it anywhere (retail, shopping centres, banks, residential areas, office buildings, factories, hospitals and health centres, schools, fuel stations, gyms or outdoor in airports, bus stations or parks)

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