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Fingertip OLED Pulse Oximeter

Fingertip OLED Pulse Oximeter

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A finger tip pulse oximeter that is an ideal and simple way to measure your pulse and the blood oxygen. It is non-invasive, portable and easy to use. As a simple tester it is used in professional medical or home environments. Each fingertip pulse oximeter requires 2 x AAA batteries that are not included.


This type of fingertip pulse oximeter is now commonly used in medical practices and hospitals. Now increasingly people are using these devices in sport and home use as a quick and simple test of blood oxygen SPO2 and pulse rate PR. The device is turned on by pressing the white button and placed on the finger tip or toe. The full colour OLED screen will within a few seconds start to register the Pulse Rate and Blood Oxygen content. The display can be orientated whilst in use by pressing the white button making the screen very easy to see and use.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Features.

  • Two colour OLED large screen.
  • Figure and Chart Oxygen Volume readout
  • Figure Pulse Rate readout
  • Chart Plethysmogram readout
  • Manually adjustable display orientation
  • Audible low level alarm
  • Low power consumption (more than 20 hours)
  • Low voltage indicator
  • Auto off after 8 second of no rereading.
  • Small and lightweight
  • Wrist strap included
  • A menu function to set alarms and sounds

Purpose and uses.

The purpose of a fingertip pulse oximetry is fundamentally to check how efficiently your heart is pumping oxygen through your body. As such it is used to measure your health and is particularly useful for people with any illness that can affect blood oxygen levels. For example: COPD, asthma, pneumonia, heart defects, flu and viral infections, chest infections. In clinical environments the device is used as a guide to help evaluate if a person needs help with breathing, if a ventilator is required or to monitor how effective oxygen therapy is working. It is not a replacement for a vital signs monitor but is often used in conjunction with a stethoscope.

Interpreting the readings of the fingertip pulse oximeter.

Whilst being a simple and relatively cheap device, the fingertip pulse oximeter is also reasonably accurate. Typically the results will be within 2%. This fingertip pulse oximeter is rated to give accuracy between +-1% in the range 90% to 99% SPO2 and +-1 beat per minute heart rate.

In general, more than 89% of your blood should be carrying oxygen. This is what your body and the cells within your body need to stay healthy. Having a oxygen reading below 89% temporarily is not believed to cause damage if it is consistently at or below this level it is important to seek medical advice.

Normal is considered to be at or above 95% for most healthy people. If the reading is consistently below 95% this is an indication of a deficiency of oxygen reaching the body cells and below 92% is considered to be hypoxemia. It is important to seek medical advice from your GP if your reading is consistently below 95%. 

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