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EON Replacement Breathalyser Sensor Module

EON Replacement Breathalyser Sensor Module

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Buy a reusable sensor module for the AlcoDigital EON Breathalyzer and swap over the sensor module when you EON breathalyser is due for calibration. 

The sensor module can be calibrated independently, without the breathalyser unit.  Send the sensor module to us; we’ll calibrate it and send it back to you – ready for next time. As long as you keep a spare calibrated sensor, you’ll never be without your EON breathalyser. This enhanced feature makes the EON totally unique – it is the only professional breathalyser in the world with EN approval to have a replaceable and reusable sensor which can be calibrated in this way.

The fuel cell sensor module has a life span of 3-5 years, provided it is professionally calibrated every 6 months.

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