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Dräger Alcotest 7510 Breathalyzer

Dräger Alcotest 7510 Breathalyzer

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Product Properties 

The Alcotest 7510 is Dräger’s top model and the most certified breathalyser in the world. If you require the most reliable, accurate and long-lasting device available – this is it; totally flexible configuration with GPS, mouth alcohol detection and worldwide approvals.

  • EN Approved
  • OIML R126 Approved
  • NHTSA Evidential Approval

Key Features

  • Data memory for up to 5000 sets of data with full user data entry
  • User Configurable Test Methods & Results Standards
  • Full Colour LCD SuperClear Full Colour display
  • GPS Option available (+ £245 – available to order only)

The top-of-the range Dräger Alcotest 7510 is a compact and robust handheld instrument which, thanks to its special ergonomic design, is suitable for right or left handed users. The backlit, full colour display provides clear, unabbreviated, selectable multi-language test messages ensuring legibility in bright sunlight as well as total darkness.

Mouth Alcohol Detection
The Dräger Alcotest 7510 represents the first handheld evidential breathalyzer capable of detecting mouth alcohol! This technological advancement is made possible through the employment of a piezo-electric activator as part of this new sampling system and reduces the need for waiting times prior to sampling.

This fully equipped system package offers flexible data management, with high memory capacity as well as the ability to print to the Mobile Printer or transfer data to a computer allow for easy adjustment to national and international specifications. Via the ambient pressure sensor, the device automatically compensates for any ambient barometric conditions when performing dry-gas tests.

The latest in Draeger sensor technology, the Alcotest® 7510 ensures short test intervals and precise measurements. A built-in heating element prevents condensation and ensures quick and accurate measurements even at sub-freezing temperatures. Draeger’s fuel cell is alcohol specific and assures unsurpassed reaction and recovery performance.

GPS Technology
The Dräger Alcotest 7510 even offers an optional GPS module recognising the exact geographical location where a breath test is performed, allowing for precise determination of when and where the test was conducted to eliminate administrative error and provide defensible evidence in court if necessary.

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