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The dynamic use of a range of URIAS inflatable air splits initiated in hospital and clinic environments by neuro physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and carers can then be continued at home with the support of the husband, wife, or partner on a daily basis. THIS IS A REGIME OF ACTIVE AND PASSIVE EXCERCISE WITH PROGRESSIVE MOBILIZATION, THAT WITH PERSISTENCE, MOTIVATION, DETERMINIATION AND ASSISTANCE, CAN OVER A PERIOD OF TIME, HELP TO RESTORE NORMAL MOVEMENT OF THE AFFECTED LIMBS.

The theoretical framework, clinical management and application of the URIASR Johnstone inflatable air splits and a fully illustrated User Guide are available free of charge from the website – please request.

Brand:  Urias
Part Number leg Gaiter 60cm  70-006-0T:AT
Manufactures Part Number Leg Gaiter 60cm  700060
Part Number leg Gaiter 70cm  700070
Manufactures Part Number Leg Gaiter 70cm  70-007-0T:AT

Double Chamber Weight Bearing Leg Gaiter (60cm and 70cm Options)