Dopplex ABIlity - Automatic Ankle Brachial Index System - Mains Cable Only

Dopplex ABIlity - Automatic Ankle Brachial Index System - Mains Cable Only

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sing Huntleigh dopplex ABIlity, rapid Bi-Lateral ABPI measurements takes less than 5 minutes per patient without the need for a clinician 95% Accuracy when compared to Ultrasound Duplex imaging (Lewis et al, 2014) In a typical 3 hour surgery, 33 patients could be tested!

An average sized surgery could have up to 300 patients who are at risk to having PAD. Testing them with Dopplex ABIlity would have taken 25 hours in total vs
150 hours with the traditional method.


Reasons why you should have the ABIlity

  • Extremely easy to use and fully automatic - Minimal training required
  • No need to rest patient for 15 mins - Reduces total test time
  • Rapid bi-lateral ABI measurement in 3 mins Doppler based ABI typically takes 30 mins - Simultaneous measurements reduces time
  • ABI can now be undertaken by healthcare support staff - Makes the measurement more cost effective
  • No need to remove patient’s socks or tights - Maintains patient comfort and dignity
  • Easy to apply 4 cuff system - Improves patient experience
  • Portable and powered by mains - For home or clinical environments
  • Integral printer for documentation of results and waveforms - Instant hard copy for patient notes and reimbursement
  • Automatic interpretation of ABI - Reduces operator error
  • Accurate reproducible results - Clinically proven by recent studies


  • Printer - Integral
  • USB connector - Mini USB
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Accessories - Supplied with one set of standard cuffs, two rolls of paper, pack of sleeves, mains cable and instructions for use.
  • Safety Standards Compliance - Complies with UL60601-1, EN60601-1,
  • EN60601-1-2: 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC
  • Weight - 3kg
  • Dimensions - H160mm x D260mm x W260mm
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