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Daray - X710 Examination light

Daray - X710 Examination light

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Product Properties

  • World-renowned LED technology
  • Variable intensity
  • Variable colour temperature
  • Spring-balanced arms for versatile movement and solid positioning
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • A strong beam of light with an even intensity across the entire area for clearer viewing and reduced eye strain
  • Fully positionable light head, and telescopic ceiling tube for extra reach
  • Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and a fully recyclable product
  • Costs up to 75% less to run than halogen
  • No more bulbs to change – reduces waste by 95% over the light’s lifetime
  • All metal chassis and light head – hardwearing
  • DARAY’s LED technology produces an intense clear white light beam equivalent to 75W halogen whilst consuming just 16W

The DARAY X710 examination light is both powerful and incredibly flexible, featuring variable colour adjustment.

Utilising LED technology, the general examination light has been developed to provide an intense beam with excellent colour rendering properties.
Daray X7 Series is available with a wide array of mounting options to ensure your light is exactly where you need it. Available in two arm options (flexible gooseneck or spring-balanced arm) and a large range of plug-top and hardwired mounting options to suit all clinical needs.
This model features a low total cost of ownership, costing up to 75% less to run than halogen lights. This light has around 40,000 hours of life from the LED light engine equating to around 20 years of clinical use. The X710 requires minimal maintenance and is an ideal light for GP surgeries and clinics where flexibility and performance are crucial.


Key Technical Data

Light Source: LED
Light Intensity (Lux) @ 0.5m: 80,000 Lux ±5%
Light Intensity (Lux) @ 0.75m: 40,000 Lux ±5%
Light Intensity (Lux) @ 1.0m: 20,000 Lux ±5%
Light Intensity Adjustment Range: 25 – 100%
Colour Temperature (Kelvin): 3,600 – 5,000K (± 500K)
Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 95
Colour Rendering (R9): 95
Light Field Diameter (D50): @ 0.5m: 60mm
                                            @ 0.75m: 90mm
                                            @ 1.0m: 120mm
Light Field Diameter (D10): @ 0.5m: 110mm
                                            @ 0.75m: 150mm
                                            @ 1.0m: 200mm
Number of LEDs: 4
Power Consumption: 16W 0.14A
Average Working Life: >40,000 Hours
Input Supply Rating: 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz
Output Supply Rating: 12V DC 1A
Temperature Rise on Patient / User: ≤2ºC

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