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Daray - S780 Operating theatre light

Daray - S780 Operating theatre light

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Product Properties

  • World-renowned LED technology
  • Variable intensity up to 180,000 lux
  • Variable colour temperature
  • Spring-balanced arm system for versatile
  • A strong beam of light with an even intensity across the entire area for clearer viewing and reduced eye strain
  • Fully positionable light-head, featuring a digital control panel
  • Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and a fully recyclable product

The S780 is the latest addition to our LED surgical lighting range. Suited for all minor procedures, and available in a range of mounting choices.

The latest addition to our S7 Series, the all-new S780 is our most powerful and feature-packed light yet. Designed for use in all types of surgical procedure, delivering up to 180,000 lux of colour adjustable light to provide the ultimate surgical experience.

With adjustable light intensity and colour temperature, and an impressive field of light, all controlled with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, our S780 is setting a new standard for Operating Room lights.

Our S780 model is available with a wide array of mounting options to suit the design of your OR facilities. Available in both single and dual-head options, you can mount our light to the ceiling, to the wall, or even have it freestanding on a mobile base – especially useful when the light is a shared resource across departments.

Key Technical Data

Light source: LED
Light intensity (lux) @ 1.0m: 180,000 lux ±5%
Light intensity adjustment range: 1% - 100%
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 3,800K - 5,000K (±500K) - 3 stages
Colour rendering index (CRI): ≥97
Colour rendering (R9): ≥95
Light field diameter (D50): @ 0.75m: 310mm
Light field diameter (D50): @ 1.0m: 290mm
Light field diameter (D10): @ 0.75m: 380mm
Light field diameter (D10): @ 1.0m: 410mm
Number of LED's: 108
Depth of illumination (l1+l2m, ec60%):840mm
Power consumption: 72W 0.34A
Average working life: >40,000 Hours
Input supply rating:100 - 240V AC 50/60 Hz
Output supply rating: 24V DC
Inrush current: 20A
Diameter of light-head: 730mm
Recommended wall-mount height: 2m - 2.3m
Recommended ceiling-mount height: 2.7m - 3m
Temperature rise on patient: ≤2°C
Warranty period: 3 years
NHS e-class code: FBU, FKR
Commodity code: 9018 908400
GMDN code: 12276

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