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Daray - S450 Single head operating theatre light 500mm

Daray - S450 Single head operating theatre light 500mm

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DarayProduct Properties

  • LED light source
  • Digital control panel
  • Cool and comfortable beam
  • Lightweight and slim light-head for excellent laminar flow
  • Multi-lens geometry lighting system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Focusable beam
  • Excellent shadow reduction
  • 40,000 hours from the LED module
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • 4,300K colour temperature
  • Integrated camera options available
  • No halogen, mercury, cadmium, lead or CFCs. No chemicals harmful to the environment
  • Available as ceiling-mount, wall-mount and mobile

The DARAY S4 LED Operating Theatre Light has been designed to provide a high intense beam with excellent shadow dilution and accurate colour rendering.

The S4 is available in either wall, ceiling or mobile, dual or single arm. This model has a smooth, fully enclosed head to aid in the management of infection control. A spring balanced arm makes positioning extremely easy, providing a precise and stable beam.

Features include: variable intensity, focusable beam and a digital control panel. The S4 is an extremely cost effective LED lighting solution that meets the needs of a demanding operating theatre.
Minimal laminar-flow interference; the fully sealed light head has been aerodynamically designed to minimise turbulence of laminar-flow sterilisation and purification systems.
Digital control panel; conveniently placed panel contains on/off controls, a power on indicator, bulb-failure alarms and variable output intensity controls.
Variable focus; the removable, autoclavable light head steering handle doubles as a twist-grip focussing control.
Finely-balanced suspension arms; multi-jointed, spring-balanced suspensions mechanisms permit accurate and stable positioning of the light patch. The arms on ceiling-mounted lights all rotate through 360º
Video systems and back-up power supplies; CCTV cameras and monitors are available as options on most models, as are wall-mounted battery back-up power supplies. 

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