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Reconditioned Mangar Camel Emergency Lifting Cushion + Airflo 24 Compressor

Reconditioned Mangar Camel Emergency Lifting Cushion + Airflo 24 Compressor

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In used condition, tested and 2 x new upgraded brand new batteries fitted & new charger. AIRFLO 24 COMPRESSOR

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NEW £2999+VAT!!!!

The unique Camel inflatable lifting chair is designed to sit up and lift a fallen person from the floor either independently or assisted. It is less hassle than a hoist! The Camel is operated by low air pressure using the Airflo 24 power source.   The Camel can be used anywhere, indoors or outside, and will lift a fallen person with dignity whilst protecting both the carer and the person being lifted from injury. The Camel is particularly suitable for very large or bariatric people (lifts up to 50 stone/320kg) The new Airflo 24 by Mangar is a low pressure air compressor, which has been designed to inflate the Mangar Camel and ELK lifting equipment through a 4-Way hand control. The 4-Way hand control is supplied with the Camel and ELK.New Airflo pump features: Up to 4 times more powerful than the Airflo Plus. More efficient, durable battery technology (NiMH) 1 x 24V. Nearly 30% lighter than the current Airflo – 4.1kg / 9lbs. Vastly improved ergonomically with redesigned grab handle and balanced carry. Battery and mains versions available. Easy view power levels at a glance with a battery capacity ladder display. Integral ‘Power’ button with indicator LED. Instant charge stowage board as soon as the Airflo 24 is docked. Charge recovery time to do one further lift – 2 hours. 

Key features

  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Appropriate for any age
  • Portable
  • Packs away into a compact and discreet bag
  • For use indoors or out
  • Minimises moving & handling risks
  • Enhances independent living
  • Battery operated
  • Equipped with the new airflo 24 compressor.



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