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CoaguChek INRange self-testing meter

CoaguChek INRange self-testing meter

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Easy to use, portable meter for you to monitor your INR levels, accurately at anytime, anywhere.

CoaguChek® INRange is the connected self-testing meter that enables you to test your INR whenever, wherever for confident control of your VKA therapy.

The freedom of self-monitoring with CoaguChek® INRange can give you more confidence to enjoy your leisure time and well earned holidays away from home and may also reduce the number of clinic visits you need to make.

With built in wireless, Bluetooth® technology the easy to use, portable meter, allows you to transmit your PT/INR results to your health care professional.


CoaguChek® INRange self testing meter uses the same technology as clinic-based CoaguChek® devices but allow you to set your own therapeutic range and is battery operated for easy operation and portability. Self-monitoring with CoaguChek® is recommended by the NHS regulator, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

If you are self-testing, you need to report results back to clinic. Please remember that it is important that you do not alter the warfarin dose yourself - this must be first be discussed with your GP/ Healthcare professional.


• Results trend reporting:
The CoaguChek® INRange meter will let you know if your most recent result is higher or lower than your last result to help you understand trends.

• Bluetooth or USB connectivity:
You can connect the meter to a mobile app via Bluetooth or USB to quickly and easily send results to your healthcare professional. (You can find out more about software and compatibility with the CoaguChek® INRange meter by contacting us)

• Colour display:
Easy to read and understand colour coded results.

• Target range aware:
Easy to set up target ranges, that will alert you to results out of that range.

• Commenting:
Functionality for you to enter up to 6 comments with each result. This will help you remember any past actions that may have affected your results.

• Reminders and on-screen help:
Ability for you to set up important events such as when to test, take medication or next doctor's appointment.

There is a handy on on-screen help that will provide you with text guidance through-out the test procedure.

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