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Classic standing desk Basic and Standard versions available

Classic standing desk Basic and Standard versions available

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Satisfactory Durability

Single motor drive:
Built with one motor to lift two legs of the desk, ranging from 71 to 121cm, and is super quiet (under 50 dB) when lifting and lowering the desk. It is efficient in terms of adjustment.

Reinforced struction (two-stage):
The legs are made of SPCC steel for automobile which stabilizes the entire desk and prevents shaking.


High Quality, Environmentally Friendly Desktop

Choose from multiple colors of durable chipboard and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Find the precise fit for your space from these choices!

CHIPBOARD: Our " thick chipboard tops are available in a variety of solid colors and wood grains. Chipboard is a great choice if you want durability, symmetrical patterns, and consistently matching colors at a great price. Most importantly, our desktops have passed the product safety testing and certification by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Rectangle 100x60


  • Rectangle: Black, White, Maple, Mahogany,Grain,Graphite,Marble Grey,Walunt
  • Bamboo: Natural Bamboo
  • Curved: Black ,White, Brown, Mahogany, Maple

EF1 leg frame

  • Panel type: button press
  • Lifting Mechanism: Motor
  • Load capacity: 70 kg
  • Horizontal adjustments: 85 ~ 129 cm
  • Height Adjustments: 71 ~ 121cm
  • Lifting speed: 25mm / s
  • No. Of Leg Stage: 2-stage
  • Desktop Size: Width 100-160 cm Depth 50-80 cm Thickness ≥ 2 cm
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