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Chiltern Shower Trolley - T1 Hydraulic Height Adjustable

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Chiltern Shower Trolley - T1 Hydraulic Height Adjustable

Designed to allow a client to be easily transferred to the bathing area, showered, dried and clothed, the Chiltern Invadex Shower Trolley minimises the need to lift manually and is in line with current moving and Handling regulations. This Hydraulic Height Adjustable version allows a carer to move the trolley up and down to a convenient height from either side, avoiding the need for stretching or leaning. Drop down sides on both sides of the trolley further aid patient transfer. A padded liner complete with head support provides added comfort. Three locking castors prevent movement during patient transfer while the fourth castor has directional locking to assist manoeuvrability. A variety of options are also available: Fixed Height (M37224), Hydraulic Height Adjustable Small Surface (M37236) 


  • Allows easy transfer to bathing area
  • Height adjustable to assist carer
  • Minimizes transfers for user
  • Padded liner & head support for comfort
  • Locking castors for safety
Product Specification
  • Height: 960mm
  • Length: 1930mm
  • Width: 720mm
  • Product weight: 1kg
  • Maximum user weight: 190kg(30st)kg
  • Additional dimensions:
    Standard Surface area: 1930 x 720mm (76 x 28¼')
    Height of sides: 200mm (8')
    Height adjustment: 580-960mm (22¾-37¾')