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Brandon Medical - Coolview CLED50 LED Examination Light SX Arm with LED technology - multiple mount options

Brandon Medical - Coolview CLED50 LED Examination Light SX Arm with LED technology - multiple mount options

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Product Properties

Coolview CLED50 examination lights are the perfect light source for a wide range of procedures. Providing a high intensity, bright natural light, Coolview CLED50SX is perfect for medical consultation in primary care and medical clinics.

Powerful Light Intensity
Coolview CLED50SX emits 50,000 Lux of bright natural light at 0.5 m providing an intense, clear light source for use in general consultation areas. 

Perfect Colour
The colour corrected light source with a colour temperature of 4,400 °K allows for accurate representation of tissue during examination. Coolview CLED50SX has a high Ra of ≥93 which describes the exceptionally high quality of white light whilst the high measurement of R9 of ≥90 describes how accurately it illuminates tissues.

Infection Control 
The fully enclosed light head is sealed to protect from dust and light liquid ingress.

The exceptional Ra of >93 accurately displays the high quality of white light and the R9 value >90 describes how accurately the user can differentiate between red tissues. 

CRI  Ra >93 R9 >90   R13 >95

Flexible Positioning
The Coolview CLED50SX Examination Light operates on a flexible arm offering precise positioning and stability. The Light can be specified for mounting on the Wall (with or without Backplate), Desk, “Medirail” or on a Mobile Wheeled Base.

Key Features

General System Information CLED50SXBP CLED50SXDP CLED50SXMP CLED50SXRP
Lamphead/Arm Type CLED50SX
Mount Type Backplate Wall Mount Desk Mount Mobile Base Rail Mount Wall Mount
Weight (kg 1.8 1.7 9.3 1.5 1.4
Conformity CE (EU MDR 2017/745)
Type of luminaire Examination (Luminaire for diagnosis)
Medical Device Classification I
Electrical Classification II
Electrical conformity EN/IEC 60601-1; EN/IEC 60601-2-41; EN/IEC 60601-1-2
Additional Information Power Lead supplied loose with UK plug
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