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Box of 150 Single Use NF approved 0.02% BAC Breathalyzer

Box of 150 Single Use NF approved 0.02% BAC Breathalyzer

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Product Properties

Designed for the UK workforce, these single use NF Approved breathalysers are set with an indication warning line at 0.02% BAC. This is the limit for passenger, commercial vehicle or novice drivers in France. It is also the recommended limit for all of the above in the UK.

Box of 150 NF-Approved 0.02% BAC Breathalyser

For commercial vehicle drivers a zero tolerance limit of 20mg/100ml (0.02%BAC) is recommended as this ensures that there is no alcohol in their system.  This is the safest level to drive at and is in force with most mainland European countries.

For advice on company alcohol and drug policies and limits, please call our experienced team on 0208 454 7372. We supply breathalysers to companies from all sectors and would be happy to help you.

Directions for use

Blow into the bag with a full breath. Squeeze the bag through the crystals. If the crystals change colour you know you have alcohol left in your system. There is a line to act as an indication of the limit.

NF Approved
The Decree states that the breathalyzers MUST be listed in the “Official Journal of the French Republic” so you should only purchase NF-Approved Breathalyzer Kits if you want to be certain they will be accepted by the French Gendarme.

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