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Bedfont - piCO Smokerlyzer Breath CO Monitor

Bedfont - piCO Smokerlyzer Breath CO Monitor

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Product Properties

Low cost and visually motivational, the piCO Smokerlyzer® carbon monoxide breath test monitor is a leader in a new generation of breath CO monitors. With a brand new easy to use interface, SteriTouch® technology and the motivational traffic light system, the piCO Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor is ideal for all stop smoking services.

The piCO Smokerlyzer® is clinically proven to help people stop smoking and is ideal for stop smoking services, GP’s, schools, pharmacies and health visitors.

Key Features

  • The monitor provides instant results shown in exact ppm and %COHb which makes recording and interpreting patient’s results quick and easy
  • SteriTouch® technology to ensure optium infection control
  • There is the familiar green, amber and red traffic light system, making CO levels instantly identifiable to patients
  • D-pieces are used in conjunction with the monitor to filter out 99% of airborne bacteria and single-use SteriBreath™ mouthpieces for excellent, low cost infection control
  • Five-year warranty for absolute peace of mind
  • PC interactive with COdata+™ software, free with the piCO Smokerlyzer®
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