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Bedfont - Micro+ Smokerlyzer Breath CO Monitor

Bedfont - Micro+ Smokerlyzer Breath CO Monitor

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Product Properties

 The Micro+™ Smokerlyzer® CO monitor is the new and improved version of the revolutionary Micro+™ Smokerlyzer®. The Micro+™ Smokerlyzer® is a longstanding benchmark device used in clinical trials and research and is the one CO monitor for all your testing needs.

The Micro+™ is the one CO monitor for your every need, including use in clinical research and smoking cessation services. It has multiple patient profiles for adults and adolescents, but also carbon monoxide breath testing for pregnant smokers, with the ppm reading and %COHb for the mum-to-be plus the foetal ppm reading and %FCOHb conversion.

It provides a visual aid to motivate smokers to quit and improve their quality of life.

Key Features

  • The monitor provides instant results shown in exact ppm, %COHb and %FCOHb, which makes recording and interpreting patient’s results quick and easy
  • Analyses carboxyhaemoglobin and carbon monoxide ppm levels
  • The colour touchscreen is quick and easy use
  • There is automatic calibration and D-piece™ renewal reminders to prolong the life of your monitor, ensure accurate readings and increase infection control
  • The monitor has built in SteriTouch® technology to ensure optimum infection control
  • There is the familiar green, amber and red traffic light system, making CO levels instantly identifiable to patients, whilst acting as a motivational tool to help them quit smoking
  • The monitor provides adult and adolescent profiles to ensure maximum motivation to stop smoking. Testing modes for adults, adolescents and pregnant women
  • Five-year warranty for absolute peace of mind.
  • The Micro+™ has storage for up to 100 readings and personal profiles
  • The monitor is PC interactive with COdata+™ software, free with Micro+™ Smokerlyzer®
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