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Opticlar - VisionMax 5 Headlight - Pro Wireless Headband, 2 x Lithium-Ion Batteries and Wall/Desk Charger

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Product Properties

  • Variable focus enabling accurate adjustment of image
  • Quality illumination and exceptional brightness – circa 60,000 lux
  • Exceptional colour temperature – circa 5,500 – 6,000k
  • Homogenous light spot providing edge to edge consistent illumination and optimal spot size
  • Up to 10 hours continuous use from full charge of battery
  • 2 hour quick recharge time
  • Compact dimensions of battery unit reduces belt weight and increases comfort
  • Adjustable rheostat promotes easy adjustment of illumination
  • Overhead headband with centre point adjustment
  • Unobtrusive wall mounted dock does not protrude excessively as batteries are charged vertically
  • Battery does not have to be removed from headband to charge
  • Auto on/Auto off when docked
  • Weight including battery pack – 460 grams
  • Supplied with attractive carry case

Key Features

  • Charge time: 4.5 hours
  • Running duration: 6.5 hours

VM5 LED wire free headlight
Professional headband with centre point adjustment
Integral wall or desk mounted charging dock with space for two batteries charging simulataneously
Lithium Ion battery pack with two batteries
Attractive aluminium storage/ carry case