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Opticlar - VarioScope Veterinary Diagnostic Set - 1 C Cell Battery Handle

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Product Properties
VarioScope Veterinary Otoscope

  • ADAPT C cell battery handle
  • High quality construction for long life and reliability
  • TrueTone™ LED for accurate colour rendering and easy diagnosis
  • Unique 10 year LED warranty for lower running costs, never have to buy a spare bulb again
  • 20,000 hour plus LED life guarantees unlimited use with no blown bulb downtime
  • Compatibility with Heine™ veterinary tips (Heine Beta 200 Veterinary style)
  • Excellent visualisation of all important structures aids diagnosis
  • 2x viewing window swivels out of way for easier instrumentation

LED L28 Ophthalmoscope

  • TrueTone™ LED
  • Cobalt Blue filter
  • Light sensitive filter
  • 28 lens from -20d to +40d
  • 5 apertures: Large, medium and small spot; Graticule and Slit
  • 10 year LED warranty
  • 5 year product warranty

Veterinary VarioScope
L28 Ophthalmoscope
C Cell battery Handle
Set of 3 plastic tips
Zip Case