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Opticlar - Twin Handle Wall Unit for Pocket Head - Mains Transformer, C Cell Power (screw thread)

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Product Properties

  • Each unit has been designed without flat surfaces which can attract unwanted items such as used tips etc
  • Handles have Auto on/off
  • Spiral cords have a reach of approx. 3mtr/ 10ft
  • Heads can be locked into position preventing unauthorised removal
  • Wall units can be used as a direct replacement for other leading makes either directly or by use of simple adaptors
  • Can be supplied with mobile trolley unit for maximum portability

Key Features

  • Provides mains power
  • Single bay
  • Fixed cord handle with working radius of more than 3 mtr/10ft
  • Smooth design and rounded profile is hygienic, easy to clean and minimises traps
  • Easy to assemble and install