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Opticlar - Standard Diagnostic Set - C Cell, 1 Handle

Opticlar - Standard Diagnostic Set - C Cell, 1 Handle

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Product Properties
The Opticlar S1 Practice range provides professionals with the diagnostic capabilities they require in a high quality yet affordable format featuring simple, functional design and elegant detailing. VisionMed Practice instruments include TrueTone™ LED illumination, the standard providing the brightest view, finest colour rendering and natural tone. LED guaranteed for 10 years.

  • S1 LED Fibre Optic Otoscope
  • TrueTone™ LED illumination
  • Distal fibre optics gives cool light to examination site with no reflections and provides excellent view of the tympanic membrane
  • Swivel viewing lens cannot be lost and is guarded on lower edge from potential breakage
  • 3x magnification from scratch proof window lens
  • Wide angle viewing window for easy instrumentation under magnification
  • Sealed system allows for pneumatic otoscopy
  • Multi-voltage system, works with all power sources
  • Disposable tips in 2.5mm or 4.0mm diameters
  • Head available with German tip fitting or American style tip fitting. Please specify at time of ordering, otherwise American tip fit is supplied as standard
  • L28 LED Ophthalmoscope
  • Superior miniaturised optics facilitates entry into even very small diameter pupils
  • Polarising filter practically eliminates corneal reflex and can be used on all apertures
  • Sealed optics for long life and reduced running cost
  • 28 lenses from -25 to +40d
  • Independently selectable red free filter for use on all apertures provides increased contrast
  • 18 filter/aperture combinations for increased diagnostic capabilities
  • Cobalt blue filter to help detect corneal abrasions
  • Adapt C Cell Battery Handles
  • Modular – allowing users to begin with battery handles but have the option to upgrade to a rechargeable format
  • Robust metal sleeve housing batteries
  • Knurled surface for maximum grip
  • Takes 2 x C cell batteries

S1 Practice Fibre Optic LED Otoscope
L28 Practice LED Ophthalmoscope
1 Adapt C-Cell Battery Handle
Selection of disposable 2.5mm and 4mm tips
Zip case
Running duration: > 60 hours
LED illumination life: > 10,000 hours
LED guarantee: 10 years
Spares and Accessories
Ophthalmoscope Head – 100.000.050
Otoscope Head – 100.000.010W
Lithium Ion Handle –100.020.000/1

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