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Opticlar - S1 Otoscope Set - ADAPT Lithium Rechargeable Handle

Opticlar - S1 Otoscope Set - ADAPT Lithium Rechargeable Handle

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Product Properties
The OPTICLAR S1 range provides professionals with the diagnostic capabilities they require in a high quality yet affordable format featuring simple, functional design and elegant detailing.

Adapt USB Handle
As the name suggests, an adaptable handle system that has a robust metal sleeve at it’s core, with a knurled surface for maximum grip. ADAPT handles come in battery (2 x C cell), USB lithium rechargeable and desk lithium rechargeable options. Handles can be upgraded and swapped between C battery and rechargeable, by simply interchanging cells and end caps, making it a truly flexible option for all situations.

The Adapt USB version allows convenient charging of the the otoscope, via mains, car or PC (with USB port).

Running duration: > 20 hours

Charge time: 12 hours initial charge, 8 hours normal

Opticlar S1 Practice LED Fibre Optic Otoscope

  • TrueTone LED illumination
  • Distal fibre optics gives cool light to examination site with no reflections and provides excellent view of the tympanic membrane
  • Swivel viewing lens cannot be lost and is guarded on lower edge from potential breakage
  • 3x magnification from scratch proof window lens
  • Wide angle viewing window for easy instrumentation under magnification
  • Sealed system allows for pneumatic otoscopy
  • Multi-voltage system, works with all power sources
  • Disposable tips in 2.5mm or 4.0mm diameters
  • Head available with German or American tip fitting

OPTICLAR Recharging Pods

All OPTICLAR VISIONMED recharging pods meet national and international standards and are CE marked for peace of mind. Sets are offered with either our space efficient single port pod or twin port pod for the two handle sets.

  • All pods are supplied with 3 pin UK plugs and other configurations are available upon request
  • All transformers plug into the rear of the pod so in the event of breakage or malfunction only the transformer has to be returned or replaced
  • This greatly simplifies repairs and enables users to swap components without the cost and inconvenience of returning the complete charging base
  • Realising that the most convenient position for your charging pod may not be close to a mains plug we equip our transformers with a generous 10ft lead.


  • S1 Practice F.O. Otoscope
  • 1 Adapt USB Lithium Rechargeable Handle
  • USB lead
  • Selection of adult and paediatric tips
  • Zip case
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