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Opticlar - Pocket Otoscope Set - Rechargeable, Zip Case

Opticlar - Pocket Otoscope Set - Rechargeable, Zip Case

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Product Properties
The Opticlar P2 range delivers high quality, optimal LED illumination. This ensures increased clarity and diagnostic ability.

P2 Mini Pro Pocket Otoscope Set

  • P2 Mini Pro pocket fibre optic otoscope complete with lithium Ion rechargeable slimline handle
  • Set of 2.5mm and 4mm disposable tips
  • Single port desk charger – compact 58mm x 58mm footprint
  • Stylish carry case
  • LED life is greater than 10,000 hrs
  • Superior quality slimline handles – comfortable and non slip
  • Double ended design aids battery removal
  • Long life switch tested for thousands of cycles
  • Convenient integral pocket clip
  • True Tone LED with fibre optic distal illumination – guaranteed for 10 years
  • Guarded tip slot prevents fibre optic sheath breakage
  • 3x rotating viewing window, cannot be lost
  • Excellent viewing capabilities with large viewing port and window
  • Pneumatic testing with integral insufflation port
  • Disposable tips in 2.5mm and 4.0mm diameter compatible with German brand – so ideal for use in surgeries with a mixture of equipment
  • 2 piece modern design
  • Portable single port desk charger – compact, stylish and ready to use
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours
  • Running duration: 5 hours

Opticlar Recharging Pods

  • Space efficient
  • Supplied with 10ft/ 3mtr lead for connecting to mains
  • Meet national and international standards
  • CE marked
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