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Opticlar - Pocket Ophthalmoscope Set - AA Battery Metal Handle, Pouch

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Product Properties
Opticlar VisionMed Pocket Pro LED Opthalmoscopes have most of the diagnostic features of full sized sets but in miniature format. The true tone LED has been tuned to provide excellent colour rendering in the important red sector of spectrum.

With dust proof optics and high quality construction the Pocket Pro is ideal for surgery and domicillary use.

Key Features

  • Metal Hygena style handle with rotary on/off switch
  • Lens range from -20d t +20d in 18 lens
  • 5 apertures
  • large spot
  • small spot
  • graticule with fixation ring
  • slit and red free for differential diagnosis
  • Velcro and Canvas pocket case that minimises space required whilst protecting instruments