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Opticlar - MINI-Vet Feline Slit Otoscope Set - 1 Rechargeable Handle, Single Port Charger

Opticlar - MINI-Vet Feline Slit Otoscope Set - 1 Rechargeable Handle, Single Port Charger

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Opticlar have developed a unique range of diagnostic equipment designed to aid and simplify the examination of exotics, companion animals and larger species.

The OPTICLAR LED DIAGNOSTIC RANGE takes Veterinary Diagnostic Instruments to a new level. Opticlar spoke to veterinary practices at length to understand exactly what they wanted – and the VISION-Vet range has been designed and manufactured with all the features and benefits that vets have long been demanding, providing superb diagnostics and competitive pricing throughout.

  • Powered by TrueTone™ LED modules for superb quality and long life illumination
  • First class optics guarantee excellent visualisation
  • High quality construction for long life and durability
  • Wide choice of power supplies from AA to C cell; from Lithium USB to Desk to Lithium E; from mains wall to C wall
  • Top quality materials such as TrueTone™ LED, Lithium Ion cells
  • Innovative modern features include Auto On/Off function and compatibility with other traditional manufacturers
  • Lowest cost of ownership; virtually maintenance free with no replacement bulb costs, quick charge times and long working durations
  • MultiVoltage instruments – switch from C cell power to rechargeable to wall units without the need to change bulbs
  • No replacement bulbs required! A 10 year LED module guarantees NO replacement bulb costs
  • Compatibility with existing makes protects your investment in previous equipment and is ideal for mixed equipment practices
  • MINI-Vet Feline Slit Otoscope Set 1 x Lithium Ion handle and single port charger

This MINI-Vet Slit otoscope is ideal for examining felines and other small animals.

Handle options including Lithium Ion rechargeable

  • Range of Tip sizes available in Metal or Plastic Standard Items
  • LED Mini Slit Otoscope head with 3x metal tips in varying lengths and diameters
  • Power Supply: Lithium Ion single port desk charger

Set includes 1 each of metal tips:

  • 1 700.000.000-3S 32 x 3mm Feline Tip
  • 2 700.000.000-4S 32 x 3mm Feline Tip 3 700.000.000-5S
  • 3 2 x 3mm Feline Tip
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