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Opticlar - Mini LED Headlight - Pro Headband with Waist Power Pack

Opticlar - Mini LED Headlight - Pro Headband with Waist Power Pack

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Product Properties

The VisionMax Mini LED Headlight has been designed to provide the brightest, sharpest illumination field from the lightest and most compact light source. With a head-mounted light, it is ideal when the user barely notices the light is there and appreciates the benefits of a perfectly lit examination / operating field without the distraction and discomfort of a visible, heavier light. That is certainly true with the VM Mini headlight.

Illumination is provided by the 3watt TrueTone™ LED, with even illumination throughout the field of view and edge-to-edge clarity with no visible aberration or distortion. TrueTone™ LED provides the brightest light, whilst retaining the natural characteristics of the image.

Key Features

  • VM Mini - micro in size and micro in weight
  • Articulated mounting and adjustable light position
  • Available with a choice of Lightweight sports style or Professional headband providing extra cranial support
  • Powered by Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack, in a choice of: Wireless, with headband mounted battery pack (Pro headband only) or Waist-worn with belt clip
  • TrueTone™ LED illumination, with 10 year warranty (typical life >20,000 hours)
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