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Opticlar - Macintosh Flexi-Blade Laryngoscope - Size 2-5

Opticlar - Macintosh Flexi-Blade Laryngoscope - Size 2-5

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Product Properties
At Opticlar we have developed a unique range of laryngoscopes and other ancilliary intubation accessories designed to aid and simplify airway management in exotics, companion animals and larger species.

Free from crevices and other hard to clean areas and with no parts to disassemble
Cleaning and maintenance is quick and easy
Resistant to autoclaving at normal cycles so allowing them to follow normal decontamination and sterilisation protocols
With a 4.5mm overall diameter bundle and over 6500 fibres the blades transmit light to the important blade end in a concentrated, well focussed beam

2 – 100 x 17mm
3 – 130 x 18mm
4 – 160 x 18mm
5 – 176 x 18mm

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