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Opticlar - Macintosh Blade Laryngoscope - Size 0-5

Opticlar - Macintosh Blade Laryngoscope - Size 0-5

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Product Properties

  • Free from crevices and other hard to clean areas and with no parts to disassemble
  • Cleaning and maintenance is quick and easy
  • Resistant to autoclaving at normal cycles so allowing them to follow normal decontamination and sterilisation protocols
  • With a 4.5mm overall diameter bundle and over 6500 fibres the blades transmit light to the important blade end in a concentrated, well focussed beam
  • Minimise cross infection worries as popular styles and sizes are available in a very cost effective single use format
  • Hygena system combines Opticlar MV LED technology with the latest handle design
  • Provides bright white LED light
  • Simplifies cleaning and avoids potential infection retained in knurling or cross hatching of the handle body without losing the necessary grip and feel
  • Hygena’s green credentials stretch further with an impressive continual use time of over 100 hours from just 2 C cells and illumination levels that far exceed Xenon powered system


0 – 82 x 9mm
1 – 93 x 11mm
2 – 115 x 15mm
3 – 135 x 15mm
4 – 155 x 15mm
5 – 176 x 15mm

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