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Opticlar - Light for Pro-Line IO Loupes

Opticlar - Light for Pro-Line IO Loupes

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Product Properties

  • Fitted with a high quality LED
  • Provides brilliant homogenous illumination free from chromatic
  • aberration
  • Compact lithium ion battery pack can provide up to 12 hours continuous use and fully recharges in less than 2 hours
  • Battery pack can sit unobtrusively in the pocket or clipped to waist band or belt
  • Connection cable has a coiled section that provides an early warning if the cable is snagged on furniture or other objects
  • Separate on/off switch prevents premature wear on the rotary rheostat and enables the unit to be turned on/off at the previously chosen setting

3W compact light
Coiled safety cable
Compact lithium Ion battery

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