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Opticlar - HEPTA with Contactless On/Off Control - Black / White

Opticlar - HEPTA with Contactless On/Off Control - Black / White

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Product Properties
The Opticlar Hepta lamp is a best-selling LED examination light, ideally suited to the GP practice. The high light output and compact head make the Hepta ideal for treatment rooms and Doctors offices. The extra long flexible gooseneck arm can be easily set to virtually any position and the addition of a second extra flexible neck section gives even more flexibility at the light head.

The excellent quality light comes from a 7 LED lamp head, providing 7watt illumination - comparable to a traditional 50watt halogen light. With an output of up to 53,000 lux (at 30cm distance) it is bright enough for small surgical procedures, gynaecology examinations and dermatology applications. With a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95, the quality of image is maintained and colours remain true, allowing for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment.

The Opticlar Hepta includes contactless on/off control as standard. Simply swipe your hand in front of the sensor to switch the light on and off.

Key Features

  • LED: 7W
  • Mountings: Wall, Universal clamp and mobile trolley
  • Focussing: At 30cm - 10cm dia. illumination field
  • At 50cm - 13cm dia. illumination field
  • At 100cm - 20cm dia. illumination field
  • Illumination: 50% to 100%
  • Brightness: At 30cm - 150,000 lux
  • At 50cm - 80,000 lux
  • At 100cm - 23,000 lux
  • Kelvins: 4500K
  • Lumens: 900
  • CRI: 95
  • On/Off: Contactless switch
  • Cable Length: 3 metres
  • LED Life: Over 50,000 hours life
  • Guarantee: LED 10 years, Light 5 years
  • Dimensions: Head - 110 x 100mm, Gooseneck 1140mm, Lamp Base - 69 x 69 x 115mm
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