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Opticlar - BELLA with Contactless On/Off Control

Opticlar - BELLA with Contactless On/Off Control

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Product Properties
The new Opticlar Bella surgical lamp is a very powerful LED examination light, ideally suited to minor surgery, dermatology and intensive care units. The flexible gooseneck arm allows precise positioning of the light head and the ergonomic handle is comfortable and hygienic to use.

The light source is a multi-LED array, providing 17 watts of illumination. This is comparable to a 90 watt halogen light, so is bright enough to illuminate a small to medium surgical field. The colour rendering index (CRI) of the Bella light is 95, so consistent illumination is guaranteed, with true to life colour rendering and no distortion or aberration of the field of view. The Opticlar Bella includes contactless on/off control, to help prevent contamination of the lamp. Simply swipe your hand in front of the sensor to switch the light on and off.

Key Features

  • LED: 17W
  • Mountings: Wall, Universal clamp and mobile trolley
  • Focussing: At 30cm - 10cm dia. illumination field
  • At 50cm - 13cm dia. illumination field
  • At 100cm - 20cm dia. illumination field
  • Illumination: 50% to 100%
  • Brightness: At 30cm - 150,000 lux At 50cm - 80,000 lux At 100cm - 23,000 lux
  • Kelvins: 4500K
  • Lumens: 1440
  • CRI: 95
  • On/Off: Contactless switch
  • Cable Length: 3 metres
  • LED Life: Over 50,000 hours life
  • Guarantee: LED 10 years, Light 5 years
  • Dimensions: Head - 160 x 133mm, Gooseneck 700mm, Lamp Base - 69 x 69 x 115mm
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