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Amplivox - PC850U - PC-based automatic screening audiometer

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Product Properties
The leading PC based audiometer that provides
a customised and flexible solution for all
screening audiometry requirements within
occupational health and safety critical roles.
Proven to provide a streamlined and efficient
hearing conservation programme.
Comprehensive testing
The PC850 is a reliable choice for occupational health
professionals who require a vast range of screening
modes. It includes automatic (computer / Békésy) and
manual operation options to measure and assess
hearing thresholds in accordance with safety critical
hearing standards.
It also has configurable options so the test can be
customised to the users’ specific requirements,
ensuring accurate and efficient testing. Designed to
connect directly to a PC or as a stand-alone manual
Test assessment and management
The suppled Audibase PC software offers custom
built educational tools with a predictive hearing
level and hearing loss indicator, providing a clear
explanation to test subjects, and enabling a greater
level of assessment. All tests can be automatically
categorised in accordance with HSE standards.
Compact and lightweight at only 710g (1.56lbs), the
PC850 is completely portable, making it ideal for both
clinic and mobile audiometry use.
EMR connectivity
Offering seamless PC connectivity, the PC850 includes
our Audibase data management software, allowing all
test results to be stored and available for future review
in a single application.
Extensive data and trend analysis provides business
intelligence to support the delivery of a successful
hearing conservation programme and identify at risk
The PC850 can also be interfaced to a number of
leading OH Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems
to provide a paperless and seamless health screening
programme that maximises workflow efficiencies.

Key features
Automatic and manual test modes (inc. Békésy test)
HSE categorisation
Unique educational and assessment tools
Extensive data analysis and trending
Communication channel
Third-party EMR connectivity
Intuitive and ergonomic design
Compact, lightweight and portable

Standard audiometric headset
Patient response switch
Power supply with country adaptors
Carry case
USB stick (manuals and Audibase software)
USB cable (PC connection)